Have you ever wondered if your husband is cheating?  One of my older friends  told me that she sometimes have an instant migraine from just the thought of this question.
signs that he is cheating

We all know that marriage doesn’t always have a happy ending since there are differences that couples face in their daily lives and relationships are very complicated at times.  Sometimes these relationships are effected by external forces and sometimes the fire just need to ignite again.

There are some couples who have problems with their in-laws and there are those that have extramarital affairs. If you suspect your husband to having an affair you need to make some inquiry to ensure that your he is not cheating. If your suspicion are just suspicion then here are  5 signs that might tell that your he is cheating:

1. Most guys do not really care about their appearance and if you realize one day that your husband seem to be careful about how he looks and have a hard time picking which clothes to wear, then he is definitely having an affair. A lot of guys really do not care about what to wear and how they look and in case your husband suddenly changed, then you have the right to be suspicious.

2. If your husband is not the type who picks fight and suddenly does it, then it can also be a sign of extra marital affairs. You would know that your husband is cheating if you suddenly find him doing things which he never did in the past. Make sure that you are mindful of what he does because this will help to determine whether he is cheating or not.

3. Once your husband start getting home late and he is not the type to do so, then you should think twice because he might be having an affair. Some husbands truly do work late, but they normally hold the overtime repayments to prove it. Does he phone you from his cellphone to tell you when he will be house? Then he’s probably not actually inside office, or he would use his workplace mobile phone.

4. If your husband suddenly loses his appetite for sex, then he is definitely having a lot of sex with his paramour. This is a serious situation and if this happens, you really need to talk with your husband so you can still fix things.

5. If your husband gets mad easily if you check their things especially the laptop and their mobile phones. Men who are cheating would definitely want to make sure that they cover all their traces which is why they would make sure that their wives would not have any access to their things at all times.

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These are 5 signs to tell if your husband is cheating.  This is not a conclusive list so do due diligence.  There are other websites that covers other tell tale signs one which I left is “does he smell of perfume”.  By doing a Bing search you will surely find tons of sites that deal with these types of situation.

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Thanks God Bless.

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