6 signs your ex wants you back. Have you ever wanted to know conclusively whether your ex want you back or not? If this is the case then read on.

6 signs your ex wants you backThere are so many types of relationships in this world but the most beautiful of them all is the one with your lover. It is so unfortunate that breakups have to happen. But if you value your love more than your differences than it is always a good idea to reunite. Even if you want to restore the glory of those lovely days, you must be pondering that dreadful question does he/she wants me back?

Because we haven’t learned the technique of reading the mind there is no definite sure shot formula to know, but certain signs can give you a hint for sure about what he or she is thinking. You will get to see these signs in their attitude and behavior.

1. Hanging On To Amazing Old Memories

This is the most common sign that reflects that they still think about the glorious past. If you keep hearing them describing the beautiful old days then it is a very positive sign that they want those days of love back. He/She has been missing spending good times with you and is regretting the breakup. Humming the song you both used to sing together or visiting the hangout spots you two used to visit is a sign that he or she remembers everything good about you and wants you back.

2. Those Random Bumps Are Not That Random

If you find your ex regularly running into you then it might be possible that there is a reason behind it. Also, running into each other in the places where you do not expect her is a sign that he or she might be following you after the breakup. This makes evident that your ex wants you to see more of him/her so that you do not forget about their love for you.

3. Getting a Little Too Emotional

Does your ex gets restless when they see you?, Or their Facebook status and Twitter tweets keep talking of how boring their life is, or you keep them whining over small issues. It is a sign that they are becoming impatient to meet you, want to share their troubles with you and want you to take care of them.

4. Getting Jealous or Showing Signs of Anger

Does your ex shows sign of jealousy when you are dating other girls or guys? This is a sure shot hint that they are missing your love and want you back in their life. A sudden burst of anger through messages, or short tempered conversations also points towards their disappointment of you not pampering them like before.

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5. Those Drunk Dials and Texts

Once you are drunk, the real you shows up. So, if your ex is calling you after getting high, this means that you are lingering in their minds. This can be quite deceptive as next day they would behave like total strangers. In such cases, you should handle the talk with high sensitivity if you want to get back together. Random calls and texts without any reasons also point towards the same thing.

6. They Keep on Emphasizing on What Went Wrong

If your ex even after breakup keeps reminding you of what went wrong the last time, then it is a positive sign. This means that they value the relationship more than the differences and wants you to correct the situation. They want you to understand their side of story and be with you always.
What You Should Do?

If few of these signs are noticeable , then there is something cooking for sure. In such situation, if you want to be back with your ex then it is definitely a good idea to put your pride and your ego aside, and take the situation at hand in a mature manner. It will be good if you talk out the problems and try to resolve them together.

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