7 rules for when you get back with your ex
It is so painful to part ways with our ex boyfriend or girlfriend and it makes one to try and turn over a new page by looking for a new lover somewhere else. It can work so perfectly in its initial days but with time the reality hits you and you realize that you are still in love with our ex boyfriend or girlfriend. When we flashback and remember the sweet special romantic and happy moments we once shared with we start doing everything to win our ex back. After begging and sweet talking your former ex; most of us are lucky to convince him/her to reunite and start where they left off, so to ensure that the relationship will be more stronger and workable at the second chance some rules must be drawn and followed by the two parties.

Here are some rules for when you get back together with your ex:

1. Past

Once you get back together with your ex and you must make a decision to forget the past. You have start moving forward together whatever happens in the past must be left in the past. Constant blaming and bringing up bad memories can instantly strain or jeopardize the otherwise new chapter of relationship. The past must remains there and let bygones be bygones.

2. Communication.

It is very crucial to communicate with each other, make a call or a send a message, a simple I love you can make a day more brighter. Talk to each other more openly and express your feelings. Do not assume that the other partner knows how you feel or what you need.

3. Honest.

There should be no hidden secrets between you two trust each other. What you speak always must be nothing but the plain truth however painful it can be. Explain or communicate whatever is is for the other to understand ,there should be no lies at any time.

4. Doing things.

It is advisable to totally change your way of doing things. Do not try to recreate the past relationship that did not work,take him or her out but to a new movie place, restaurants or bars. Try to even change your past hobbies, however busy and tight your daily routine is make sure that you create a time that will help you spend quality time together.

5. Mistakes.

After you and your ex have gotten back together and you have turn a new page avoid making the same mistakes that caused you two to part ways. You have been there before and so you definitely know what did and didn’t work.

6. Solving issues.

It is totally impossible to avoid some slight issues and problems from arising in a relationship, even the best and most perfect relationship have to overcome their share of problems. Therefore when you get back with your ex and a problem arise talk as adults, sit down together and solve the problem amicably without shouting at each other and this way the relationship will be more stronger and happier.

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7. Forgive and Forget.

After getting back with your ex, make sure that you must forgive and forget. Do not look for negativity because you will find it, so instead think about the positive things and never be quick to blame the other party.

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