7 Ways to Make Your Man Happy

for websiteWhen was the last time you really think about your significant other and tell them how much they mean to you?
Men have insecurities and when they are not shown sufficient attention or if they are not satisfied sexually and emotionally they will cheat. Guy’s maintenance seems very basic enough:
• Remember his favorite food
• Give him occasional compliment
• Have frequent sex with him
Well yes, but that’s not all it takes. Ladies this isn’t rocket science there are tons of even simpler ways to make your man happy.  If it has been a challenge for you to figure out how to give him the best satisfaction he deserves, then do continue reading. And if you have anything that you can add to the list, do please leave me a comment. Others would greatly appreciate it.

Respectful communication between you and your spouse is a fundamental ingredient. Communication between you and your partner is one good sign of a fruitful relationship. Without this singular skill a person is handicapped. Being able to communicate effectively with your partner shows love; it tells him that he is valued and important.

This skill also help you to better understand things from a male perspective has you would talk with him and get to understand what he likes. Being honest to each other is also a sign of good communication. Remember communication is more than just exchanging of information it’s also about understanding.

Ladies, men ego is this huge 10^6th power; therefore, trying to understand his feelings even when you disagree with him. Not everything in a relationship you will see eye to eye to but always remember you all have feelings and a free will to voice your opinion.

Always try to see things from his perspective. Men normally don’t communicate their feelings, and if they do it is awkward, and usually not the way we do. Try to come from a place of compassion and understanding, I know this is hard as we women like to be in control but always remember a relationship is between two not one. So try and satisfy your spouse ego. Remember a happy relationship is a great thing to share.

Either show interest in his hobbies or allow him space to participate freely. this is where understanding and communication comes in again, has men will be men and hanging out with their buddies, groupies, mate or whatever they called their friends it is a part of them; it’s in their nature so ladies don’t go assuming that when he is out with his friends that he his cheating. Don’t interfere with him spending time with his friends men are men and they love to be treated has one.

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It is a known fact that plenty men cheat because of a lack of good sex ladies do remember that men don’t just cheat because of sexually dissatisfaction but making your man happy sexually can go a long way in making him happy. Getting to know what your partner want in bed is very crucial.

Being a lady in the street but a freak in the bed his almost every man desire in a woman but do know that sometimes all a man want is for you to try something new depending on your mood. Being wild in the bedroom is certainly a turn on for most men but you have to remember that not all the time a man wants a wild ride.

Go out on dates together no matter how long you have been together it helps to add spice to the relationship and making your man happy. Date night helps couples to get back the spice in the midst of their busy lives and letting them focus on each other again.

Think creative how to spend your time together let your spouse know that he means the world to you and you will spend the entire night showing him that you do. Let him know he is a priority that you are willing to turn out your entire life to.

Focus your full attention on your spouse when you’re on your date together such has turning off your phone and giving full attention to each other. So avoid talking about work kids or other distracting topics.

Don’t go chatting about the problems of the past instead build good loving memories and have fun conversation. Allow an atmosphere of laughter to flow surprise him by doing something you have never done before show him and tell him how much you care and love him. While on your date do enjoy each other company, dance together, talk about happy time and let it be meaningful.

Treating a guy well involves doing those special things for him from time to time. Try a romantic getaway for two to somewhere you haven’t been in awhile. Do something nice for your man: Cooking his favorite meal. Give him a massage. You can’t go wrong giving a massage; men love to be pampered even though they don’t show it.

A massage is the perfect way to treat him and to let him know you love and care for him. Let him feel lucky to have you. Be loving and caring at all times to your spouse. Don’t be afraid to tell him you love him, kiss and hug him to make him feel comfortable.

Becoming spontaneous putting some fun into your life give him occasional compliments as this is a vital role in making your man happy. Let him know that you appreciate him and be very supportive this will foster loyalty and a stronger affinity towards each other.

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Ladies relationship is not only about happiness for your significant other it is also about your happiness as well. To have a wholesome relationship both persons has to be happy. Making your man happy should also make you happy and it should not make you feel uncomfortable. Always remember happiness is a two way street. Relationship is all about two people working together to make each other happy.

Finally ladies, if you are doing all the above to make him happy, but he doesn’t reciprocate, then this is a sure sign your relationship is heading for disaster. At this point read my other blog post

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