Karine - how to win your ex backMy name is Karine and I’m the girl behind lastingloverelationships.com.  This is our little corner of webosphere [just created that word :-)] so welcome! If you are wondering why I would put a site like this together.  Well Let me start off by saying, I had know what it means to have a broken heart and I couldn’t find any website that dealt with certain issues and aspects of a breakup.

I eventually found a relationship product that helped me cope and eventually recover. So I decided to put this blog together to help others like myself.  So the goal is to form a community so we can inspire,motivate and provide support for each other.

You may be wondering how I gained this knowledge.

My Story

After going through a breakup myself that was devastating.  I would talk to friends and family, but nothing was totally helping me to cope with my situation. So being desperate, I turn to the web.  I began to read online publications.  I spent hours online Then I came across a relationship product that specifically spoke to me.  such as “How to Get Your Ex Back” and I took careful notes, and delve into online forums and again I took massive notes.

I jotted down tons of tips and over several month I started to offer advice that I had gotten from my intensive note taking. I then started to notice that some of my advice have helped  many people to reconnect with their ex boyfriends,girlfriends,wife or husbands, therefore, I decided to create this website!

Please Read My Disclaimer

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