Ten Gift Ideas for Her for St. Valentine’s

gifts for her on valentine

It is Saint Valentine’s Day 2016.  Another year we have lived to see. What do our special ones want for this day? If you are a male, and you have a female soul mate, what are some of the things you would want to give to her as a present  for this coming Valentine? If you were like me, you would relish in the idea of thinking on a gift, granted you have the ample amount of money to spend. Here are a few items or gift ideas you could give her for Saint Valentine’s Day 2016:

1) What about garden gloves? Is your special soul woman a garden lover who has a green thumb? You wouldn’t want those well-polished fingernails to get dirty. Dainty, beautiful hands require great care; and, she could enjoy the outdoors (fresh air and beautiful scenery) while these were in use.

2) What about a tray of planted herbs? Does your female half have an appetite for tasty foods? She could add fresh herbs to meals for you and her family. Never mind going to the supermarket for seasonings. All she would require for taste enhancement would be right in her backyard.

3) What about a sewing machine? Does your special lady have an eye for fashion, as most women do? If she is at home and she is bored, then maybe she could make a dress, upon leaving fashion school, of course.

4) What about a plate set? People travel all over the world to acquire fine china and porcelain dishes. These are expensive and make a fine touch to the plating of expensive, formal meals. She could transform a home dinner into a restaurant setting with fine plates, glasses, and utensils.

5) What about stilettos? High-heel shoes are great for those vertically-challenged women, so to speak, who would want to make a physical impression. Buy stilettos for those who take great care in their strides. Buy colorful ones that add another dimension too.

6) What about a smart phone? Smart phones are great communication enhancers. They are great for work and maybe for play. Everyone loves social media and the internet in general, which can all be accessed by the use of a complicated mobile device.

7) What about a dress? Clothes are very important. Dress up that special lady of yours for a church service or a nice evening function. A colorful dress with gathers and a name brand make great added touches. Your woman deserves something that will boost her self-esteem.

8) What about a make-up set? Your special one is already beautiful; but, it is said that cosmetics add a one-two punch. Has she ever thought about entering a beauty contest? Does she enjoy looking at herself in the mirror? Cosmetics bring out the best in her physical beauty.

9) What about perfume? Perfumes are all the rage these days in fashion districts. Nice fragrances go hand-in-hand with haute couture (fancy fashion). Look good; smell good, they always say. Have you ever gone to a job interview without thinking about first impressions? Her employer will love her smelling nice, if I may say so.

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10) What about earrings? Modern-day women love diamond and pearl earrings. Gold and silver ones too….Heck! They love them all. From adolescent to the elderly, females of all ages think earrings make a fine touch to enhance beauty. Earrings can be beautiful yet inexpensive.

I have listed ten items for Saint Valentine’s Day 2016. Do you, a male with your female soul mate, want to give her a gift certificate on this occasion, so she could buy one or two of the listed items above?Show your special half just how much you care. Sometimes chocolate and roses may not be enough. Do something out of the ordinary. Surprise her. Have fun shopping.



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