This blog post is about a young lady who sees a gentleman at a gym; and deliberates whether or not she should say, “Hello!”

why women should call to guys at gym

I tell you: I am in a precarious position here. I am a male, so how should I address this situation? I shall be as objective and as unbiased as I possibly can. Just bear with me. I shall try to be the perfect psychologist in this situation, ladies and gentlemen.
I do not frequent a gym myself; I do not “work-out”. But, I enjoy physical exercise every now and then. I do know that a gym can be both a physically challenging and emotionally exciting place to be.

At the gym: A woman, who happens to behold an attractive gentleman, should ask herself, “Did he come here alone?” We wouldn’t want a confrontation with the gentleman’s spouse or girlfriend. People who live harmoniously with each other will get peaceful results.

Interested lady: Does he make frequent eye contact with you while you and he are working-out at the establishment? If he does, then it might be amiable that you say “Hi” to him. If he is constantly giving you a glance, then a peaceful outcome might result when you say “Hi”. There are multiple personalities in this world; many misunderstandings in this world – so, best be careful.

Is this attractive gentleman the same age as you are? Can you make a guesstimate just by looking at his facial features? There are laws in place which state that an adult should not have sexual relations with a minor. Young lady: Are you a minor and he an adult; or, are you the adult and he a minor?

Interested lady: Are you in a current relationship? If so, why would you want to hunt for a man? Many religions in this world preach about monogamy and not polygamy. If a young lady dedicates herself to one person at a time, then all of her focus can be placed on how to make this one relationship really work out. The divorce rate in the United States presently stands at around fifty percent, if my memory serves me correctly. Chances are you will have a lot of uneasy ground to cover in just one close-knit relationship.
Should women talk to guys at the gym

We have been taught from an early age not to become friends with strangers on a whim. We cannot want to be in a relationship just willy-nilly. Trust has to happen first; then, sexual practices ensue – in the ideal world.Youthful lady…wild lady: Why do you want to say “Hi” to an attractive guy at the gym?

These are adverse times economically and emotionally. Around the world people from China to America are struggling financially. It is hard to make ends meet, so to speak. Are you looking for a close-knit, monogamous relationship for a sort of monetary assistance? [You are not making grounds with your career…you have a family of mouths to feed…so you need that wealthy partner in your life?]

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I suggest you go to your pastor or a counselor to help you decide whether or not to begin a new relationship….A gym is sometimes a pleasant place to be for physical and emotional reasons. Generally speaking, I am a male, so I cannot tell a female what to do. However, I do know that despondent men and women make drastic decisions – to their detriment – in desperate times. Just be careful.

Have a grand day.And, to a lonely friend out there: Please analyze heavily why it is that you are alone.

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